Subject: Blues Poetry

Today was a super awesome day. Seriously. Let me give you the breakdown.

  • I slept a full 8 hours, which NEVER happens.
  • I got ready really quickly, which also never happens, so I got on campus a full two hours earlier than I’d intended.
  • While walking across the quad, I crossed paths with a professor who said I looked nice (this sounds creepy, but she’s female and married, so it actually wasn’t).
  • While dropping off my lunch, the office administrator for the Comp department asked me if I’d seen my new computer. When she told me I’d gotten both a new computer and new printer, I was pretty excited and hugged her in gratitude.
  • Her daughter then said “You’re really pretty!”
  • I went upstairs and discovered that not only had I gotten a new computer and printer, I’d gotten a new iMac and pretty awesome HP deskjet.

Just for comparison’s sake, let’s take a look:

Meet my old PC. My family had this same computer when I was in FIFTH GRADE. I couldn’t do any work on this PC, so I did all my school work at home or in the library.
Now meet my new setup. I nearly cried. photo-28
And this is what I was wearing while almost crying over my fabulous new computer:

  • Cardigan, Thrifted
  • Secretary Blouse, Old Navy
  • Jeans, Old Navy (The Flirt Bootcut)
  • Black Flats, Stolen from Mom

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  1. Love this look and congrats on the new computer.

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