Subject: Monochromatic

More rain this week. I kind of love it.

I’d originally planned to wear a fuschia top with this dress for some color, but wasn’t feeling it. Who says matching the rainy weather is a bad thing?


  • Dress, Dillards (I should probably take this one out of rotation for a few weeks)
  • Cardigan, Target
  • Tights, George (Wal*Mart)
  • Granny Bag, Vintage, Thrifted by Mom
  • Shoes, Vintage, Thrifted by Mom
  • Typewriter Key Bracelet and Necklace, Made by me!
  • Umbrella, Left behind by a Delta Gamma–it’s got the DG monogram somewhere (I have  a really bad habit of keeping lost umbrellas ever since someone kept my vintage plaid umbrella I left behind… Of course none of the ones I pick up can even begin to compare to the vintage plaid umbrella I had. It tears me up just thinking about it…)


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3 responses to “Subject: Monochromatic

  1. Love the tights! I’d been afraid of wearing patterns because of my curvy legs, but you’re totally rocking it! Perhaps it’s time to get my own pair…hehe.

  2. Teacher Clothes

    Absolutely! You have to be sure to get a pattern that won’t stretch beyond recognition–this big argyle is better than a microcheck, for example, and if you’re too cautious to go for a pattern, textured tights are a great gateway drug! I love really thick tights with textured stripes and such. And I always buy a size up when buying realy thick or patterned tights–this helps prevent weirdness over my giant thighs. GO FOR IT!

  3. Someone took your plaid umbrella? May their bed be invaded my horny toads. ; )

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