Subject: Library Day

The weeks just keep getting busier and busier, and I keep putting on outfits that are simpler and simpler. And pardon the squint, it was really glary outside. Yes, glary is a word.


  • Tie-front blazer, thrifted
  • Short-sleeve turtleneck, Old Navy (I love this one because it is a really soft, thin material, and it has rouching around the neck for just a little extra something. It’s not so great on it’s own, but it’s a wonderful layering piece, and I wish I had more)
  • Black slacks, Wal*Mart
  • Boots, stolen from Mom, who probably thrifted them (I’ve stolen a lot of shoes from my Mom, I just realized)
  • Typewriter Key Bracelet, made by me.

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  1. ATLMicki

    Very nice. you should continue blogging. It is a self motivator:o).

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