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Subject: Weekend Work

I had a bunch of work to do over the weekend, so I packed up my stuff and went to my office on campus. It was cold and rainy all weekend, so I just threw on some tights and my rainboots and called it a day.


  • Dress, New York and Co.
  • Military Jacket, Old Navy
  • Tights, Dillards
  • Rain Boots, Campus Bookstore
  • Granny Purse, Vintage, Thrifted by Mom, Stolen by Me
  • Necklace, Wal*Mart

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Weekend Project: Shoe Organizing

Around 1:30 last night (I’m an insomniac, cut me a break), I decided that I hated the way my closet was (un)organized, especially my shoes. So I fixed it.

Step 1: Turn on the Motown channel on Pandora. Motown is essential for any organizing or heavy cleaning project. As is a tall glass of ice water that you’ll pretend your cat didn’t drink out of. (Too much information?)

Step 2: Throw all your shoes (and stuff stacked on the shelf you want to put your shoes on) in a pile. Am I the only one that can’t truly organize something unless I start at ground zero? P.S. The “before” shot? Not much better than this.


Step 3: Decide you really don’t need to hold onto all your notes from undergraduate English classes. Immediately decide that the minute you throw out those notes, you’ll want to find the research paper you wrote.

Step 4: Take a picture of each pair of shoes, and print out on 3×5 index cards (any bigger, and the card may not fit on the box).


Step 5: Find homes for each pair of shoes. I opted for keeping things in shoeboxes (not even half are in their original boxes, care to explain that?), because those plastic shoeboxes, though sturdy and nicely stackable are 1) too expensive for my graduate stipend budget, 2) take up more shelf space than I have room for, 3) reduce waste and are therefore ecofriednly and cool, and 4) are at Wal*Mart, and there was no way I was getting dressed to go get them, which is probably the main reason I don’t have them. Note: I’m a big fan of saving space by putting more than one pair of shoes in a box, especially for “off-season” shoes. Boot boxes are especially helpful with this.

Step 6: Stop everything you’re doing because your cat is demanding to drink from the sink faucet. IMG_2655

Step 7: Stack shoeboxes in a way that makes sense for you. This is the part where I wish I’d run out and gotten those nicely stackable Sterilite boxes from Wal*Mart, even though I said earlier I liked keeping shoeboxes. Because I didn’t keep my boot boxes (or I thrifted my boots and the boxes never existed), I lined up my boots on another shelf in my closet. By the way, my closets? The main reason I never want to move out of my apartment complex. Helpful hint: To keep your boots’ shape (i.e. not develop a crease around the ankle where the calf folds over), stick a wine bottle in your boots (or beer bottle for shorter boots). It keeps your boots looking new, and hey, another excuse to drink wine!


Step 8: Stand back and admire your work. Realize it’s now 3 am and decide you need to go to bed, but can’t because your washer is still going and you have that massive pile of old schoolwork to go through. But hey, your shoes are organized!IMG_2657

And because I’m sure someone wants to know (and I’m OCD like that): I have 45 pairs of shoes, including my Wellies. Wow, I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that. Who needs 45 pairs of shoes? (And yet I want at least one more pair–a pair of buttery leather riding boots).

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